Marie Guerlain

Nourish and nurture

Marie Guerlain is a Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and founder of Ondine; titanium and non-toxic professional cookware.

Ondine by Marie Guerlain
Marie Guerlain Art


Marie Guerlain





– Brand Strategy
– Website Design

Ondine is the titanium, non-toxic professional cookware brand founded in 2018, after five years of research and development. More than just beautiful cookware, Ondine exemplifies Marie’s philosophy of enhancing the enjoyment of food and cooking through a focus on nutrition and non-toxic living.

We worked with Marie at the very inception stage of development of her project. We helped strategize and design initial guidelines and concept design for what later became a very successful product of cookware healthy lifestyle.

We also designed and developed the personal online website to showcase her art, healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurial activities.