Ethnic Arabian Floral Tile Scarf Shawl

Beautifully designed on real silk satin, silk georgette, muslin or chiffon.

Doroteo Design Arabian Floral Ethnic Pattern Collection Shawl Scarf Chiffon

Geometric Ethnic Arabian Floral Tile Blue & Red Scarf Wrap Or Shawl

Ships in 2-4 days to USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan.

Design your everyday with art you love. Every corner of your home and your everyday life should feel like it’s authentically you! Inspired by Arabian Floral patterns, the Blue & Red Scarf Wrap Or Shawl is part of our Ethnic Patterns Collection. Hemmed by professionals and handmade to order in London, designed with love in Milan.

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Lightweight fabric
Single sided printing
Hemmed by professionals
Handmade to order
Wash at 86°F / 30°C


Paris Chiffon (poly) 1.18oz
Real Silk Satin 2.5oz
Silk Sensation (poly) 2.65oz
Real Georgette Silk 1.47oz

Collection: Ethnic Patterns
Author: Simone Biffi for Doroteo Design
Design Date: 27/08/2021
Design and copyright rights: Simone Biffi for Doroteo Design. Illustration elements by visnezh via Freepik. No Sub-license, resell or rent it without written permission