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Doroteo Design Contrado Products Silk Shawl Scarf

Where your art and design
meets manufacturing

We have chosen Contrado to offer you the unique products and designs that speak to you. Our design meets established experts in manufacturing and fulfilment of lifestyle and fashion art-crafts sold around the world.

Based in London, Contrado means to assemble and deliver as a one-stop production facility in making quality, custom products on demand.

Thanks to their manufacturing capabilities, we at Doroteo can offer unique products where each order is carefully handmade, often within 24 hours.

We are initially making few of our design artworks available on Contrado to offer premium made-to-order products, which eliminates waste and ensures only the highest quality items are produced (see our Sustainability mission).

Doroteo Design Contrado Products Framed Prints Wall Art

Customer Service & Support

Doroteo does not produce the items available for sale on the Contrado website and mobile platforms. Contrado custom makes everything for you as soon as you order — pairing your favorite designs from Doroteo with their best-in-class array of products.

Contrado, and not Doroteo, is also in charge of payment processing and shipping. Return Policies apply in accordance to the general Customer Policies of Contrado accordingly (for our general terms on this please read our Refund Policy).

Doroteo endeavors to assist you by providing all the necessary support where needed and applicable. However, should you require assistance before placing any order, we invite you to read Contrado guidelines on their Help Centre, or feel free to contact us.

More information: Returns, Refunds and Cancellations (Contrado website)

Wall art image courtesy of Contrado