Our commitment for an ever beautiful and sustainable world

Doroteo Design Luxury for Everyone corporate social responsibility CSR

We deeply care about the environment. And no, that’s not just a trendy slogan, we truly do! 

We do not create inventory, produce or manufacture the physical item that you may purchase on those online markets where we decide to sell our products. 

By taking full advantage of the ongrowing print-on-demand, dropshipping and global fulfilment network services, we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint to near zero (apart from the energy necessary to run our computers).

This way we can focus on producing compelling design art that you may love, and let technology help us streamline and render more efficiently those processes that allow both you and us to help the environment.

That’s why we came up with this business model, to 1) keep on creating beautiful design, 2) making it affordable for everyone, while 3) being sensitive to the environment.

Image by Gabb Tapique