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Advisor | Luxury Brands, Private Clients

Defining strategy objectives and delivering high-impact brand,
reputation & marketing strategies for luxury and private clients

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Solid success directing and implementing a broad range of revenue-generating marketing and design projects, led from conception to launch. End-to-end problem solver with over 20 years of experience in the areas of creative direction and design.

An experienced brand strategist with 10+ years of solid track record in conceptualizing and building digital strategies for luxury brands that translate business requirements into effective advertising campaigns and sales growth.

In plain words

I operate as a strategy advisor for private clients, SFOs/MFOs and luxury brands. My services focus on two distinct areas of consulting and operations: Strategy, with expertise in brand strategy and creative marketing, and Agency, with a focus on sales, marketing and commercial agreements.

I help clients by providing analytical research and strategic long term planning for their projects, particularly for direct investment opportunities, both on the seller and the buyer side, with a keen focus on establishing highly sophisticated and elegant brands.

Work Experience

Troopworld Limited – London
May 2006 to Present

Providing strategy advisory for the most demanding and respectable luxury brands, while helping sophisticated private clients and family offices to define brand strategies, managing reputation and delivering high-impact marketing services.

Clients: Private Clients, Single & Multi-Family Offices, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy, La Perla, Al Habtoor Group Dubai, Insignia Group, WPP Group, Wunderman Thompson, VMLY&R, Fullsix Group.

Founder and Creative Director
Doroteo Design – London
July 2021 to June 2023

Creating compelling and exquisite collections of fine design art and home decor. I have founded Doroteo Design with the mission to democratize luxury design by centralizing digital inventories of made-to-order and drop-shipping goods, accurately selected and beautifully assembled into luxurious collections displayed via the e-commerce platform. Initial development has taken the prototype to MVP and fully operational, now attracting investment by venture capital firms.

Chief Brand Strategist
Insignia Group of Companies – London
October 2010 to January 2017

Insignia is the world’s leading luxury financial and lifestyle management group. Working as chief brand strategist on the creation of the leading Luxury Lifestyle Management platform for the wealthiest, most demanding and influential UHNW individuals. Over the course of an 8 years business development process involving the creation of new products and services, partnering with the most sought-after superbrands in luxury, fashion and hospitality, we have created a leading platform for the most demanding and wealthiest individuals worldwide. Multi award-winning campaigns celebrated by the most prestigious names in the financial industry such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We have taken the company from a simple financial institution at the beginning of 2010 to a 700% increase in turnover by the end of my mandate.

Founder and Editor-in-chief
Chic Today Magazine – London
November 2006 to March 2012

Chic Today is an international multi-platform luxury lifestyle media outlet and magazine. It was initially created as an online digital publication and subsequently a digital magazine, blog, and video-on-demand platform. After two years of development I have managed to convince advertisers such as Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Sony, Salvatore Ferragamo, Moet & Chandon to advertise regularly. This contributed to attracting the interest of private investors to plan for an equity stake participation. The financial crisis of 2008-10 did not create the conditions for further investment necessary to maintain operations, and the decision to conclude the project whilst still profitable turned out to be appropriate.

Senior Art Director
Issue One Magazine – London
April 2005 to November 2006

ISSUE ONE is an inspirational luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for both men and women. I was contracted to create the brand and visual guidelines for the launch of the entire publication. As lead Art Director I supervised and directed on-location fashion and beauty photoshoots, liaising with photographers, make-up artists and model agencies directly. I also developed and designed the entire look-and-feel and graphic design of the magazine, to create a product that was targeted to a very exclusive and sophisticated clientele in fashion couture and luxury lifestyle internationally.

Art Director
Fullsix Portugal – Lisboa, Distrito de Lisboa
November 2003 to December 2004

Supervising and designing digital marketing campaigns for some of the largest multinationals operating in the Portoghese market. This entailed both brainstorming and developing creative briefings to execution by producing compelling web, direct marketing and video campaigns across multiple platforms. We proudly celebrated a fourfold revenue stream increase, also boosted by the European Football Championship games, alongside multi first prize award-winning campaigns at the national level for most of the clients.

Clients: BMW, L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, Carlsberg, Nokia, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, PT Group, Mazda, Optimus, Super Bock, Clix, TV Cabo, Eristoff.

Interactive Designer
BETC FULLSIX – Milano, Lombardia
October 2000 to November 2003

Starting in the role of graphic designer and code developer, I have progressively acquired the skills necessary to work with a complete view of interactive digital campaigns and web deployments. The company was also experiencing a booming expansion and scaling up, which has provided me with the privilege to work at a very young age with some of the most recognized and established brands internationally, acquiring knowledge necessary in dealing with large clients.

Clients: Alfa Romeo, Benetton, Ford, Renault, Ferrero, Illy Cafè, Heineken, Samsonite, Mini Italia, ING Group.

Web Designer
GeprasCom – Milano, Lombardia
April 1999 to October 2000

Graphic Designer and Web Developer for SMEs.


English – Fluent
Italian – Native
Portuguese – Fluent
French – Intermediary
Russian – Basic


Diploma of Higher Education in Engineering

Industrial Institute of Bergamo – Milano, Lombardia

Diploma of Higher Education in Arts

LFA London Film Academy – London

Relational skills

Relentlessly curious, adaptive and long-term goal driven; analytical, quantitative, intellectual, and creative. With effective verbal communication and presentation of own work in a team setting. I am persistently committed, self-motivated, and pragmatic; balanced and capable of maintaining control under pressure, with the ability to retain a lucid and rational approach to conflict-resolution circumstances, always operating with integrity.

I champion structured and efficient organization processes and system design management. I strive to listen to others’ needs and suggestions, while advocating and promoting delegation of responsibilities that must always meet set deadlines, while always maintaining excellent quality standards. Tendentially, I strive for perfection.

I easily adapt to changes in the office environment, which results in adopting a resilient approach to team shifting, remote, and multi-project handling. Championing an inclusive workplace that enables a diverse range of people to work together effectively, I flexibly adjust to management processes, both by leadership and equality of responsibility.

Technical Skills

• Adobe Premiere (10+ years)
• Video Production (10+ years)
• Social Media Marketing (5 years)
• Adobe Creative Suite (10+ years)
• Figma (3 years)
• WordPress (10+ years)
• Content management systems (10+ years)
• Wireframing (10+ years)
• Graphic Design
• Blender (1 year)
• Magento Design (5 years)
• E-commerce Design (10+ years)
• Video editing (10+ years)
• Adobe InDesign (10+ years)
• Microsoft Office (10+ years)
• MailChimp (6 years)
• UI design (10+ years)
• UX UI (10+ years)
• Google Suite (10+ years)
• HTML5 (10+ years)
• JavaScript, PHP (10+ years)
• CSS (10+ years)
• Canva (3 years)
• Shopify Ecommerce


Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Insignia Group of companies winner in the category Best Luxury Concierge Services

TV Cabo Portugal National Awards

Best media and interactive campaigns winner for client: McDonald Portugal, Super Bock Beer, Carlsberg

IMPRESS Design – Korea

The leading design and new media awards from Seul, Korea. Best in interactive design and new media campaigns.

Agency of the Year – Effie Awards, Sapo Awards

Fullsix Portugal nominated agency of the year at the Effie and Sapo Awards for 6 years in a row.

Sarajevo Biennial of Artists of Europe

Winner in interactive media category. Organized by UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe in partnership with the Biennale of Contemporary Art of Europe.


Strategic Planning Foundations
June 2021 to Present
Project Management Institute (PMI)

  • Define the principles of strategic planning.
  • Identify forces used to assess the market.
  • Explain how to conduct a SWOT analysis.
  • Articulate how to establish guiding principles and set goals.
  • Explain what strategic filters are used for.
  • Describe the steps of a strategic planning process.

Strategic Thinking
June 2021 to Present
Project Management Institute (PMI)

  • Setting the Stage for Strategic Thinking
  • Developing Your Strategic Thinking
  • Implementing Strategic Thinking

Branding Foundations
April 2021 to Present
Warby Parker Academy

  • How to build a brand
  • What’s their story?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they stand for?
  • Design, marketing and managing customer relationships
  • Hiring talent

John Maeda on Design, Business, and Inclusion
April 2021 to Present
Project Management Institute (PMI)

  • Defining design
  • Designing for a wider audience
  • Linking inclusion and design
  • Discovering your own lacunas
  • Attaining the inclusion mindset

Marketing Foundations: e-commerce
April 2021 to Present
Sam Dey for LinkedIn Learning

  • How Ecommerce Works
  • Niche Marketing
  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Increasing Conversions

SEO Strategies
April 2021 to Present
Third Door Media

  • Understanding how search engines work
  • Connecting SEO to other business activities
  • Improving results with video, news, and local content
  • Recognizing the skills that matter in SEO
  • Looking at upcoming industry trends

Creating Timeless Brands
March 2021 to Present
Soon Yu on Creating Timeless Brands

  • Explain how signature elements relate to customer choice when selecting a certain brand.
  • Recognize signature elements.
  • Define the saying “innovate your benefit”.
  • Recall the benefits of longevity.
  • Identify the key in scaling power.

Graphic Design Ideas, Concepts, and Form
March 2021 to Present
ArtCenter Academy

  • Foundations
  • Fused Metaphors
  • Typographic Concepts
  • Humor
  • Icons and Iconography
  • Multiple Images
  • Appropriation and Sampling
  • Ways of Making


IMPRESS Web Design – Korea

Impress Web Design is a leading design and new media publication and awards from Seul, South Korea. A full fledged 4 pages interview featuring a review of both my agency and creative work as “designer of the month”.

Graphic Design for the 21st Century

100 of the World’s Best Graphic Designers. Covering a vast range of cutting-edge graphics, with politically charged anti-commercial work placed in the same context as Nike’s latest ads, from signage at packaging to branding and web design.

Web Designers Experiments

The book “Web Designers Experiments – the antipodes of web design” by Lanfree (Franco Lanfredi), Sometti Editions.

Speaking Digitalian

The Italians were latecomers to the brave new world of digital design, but three young artists have been running to catch up.

Digital Sneakers Milan

In Milan 25 artists play with sneakers, a universal icon of the youth imagination.

BLUEPRINT Magazine – Italian Protagonists

The best-known Italian web designers in the international community – Mirco Pasqualini, Simone Biffi and Nicola (Niko) Stumpo have all arrived at the same point, but from different directions.

Personal interests

Healthy lifestyle, fitness, fashion, travel, cooking, history, politics, technology, volunteering.

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